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“Design creates culture. Culture malkes values. Values determine the future. »

Robert L. Peters

1. Content

The main feature for successful design - accomodation. The client should pay attention to the aesthetic design. Our task is to provide you with the best combination of beauty and functionality.

2. Details

Our main distinguishing feature is precisely attention to every detail. Without details, there can be no complete harmony. In order for the project to be complete, made in the same style, the design must be presented on all elements, including paintings, pillows, carpets and other decorative elements.

3. Formulation of the problem

In order to proceed with the work, it is necessary to clearly define the wishes of the customer and his family. As a rule, for this we have several requirements for the client, as well as requirements for the future design.

4. Project development

To do this, we select a number of references - visual series for each style and discuss them with our client.

After approval of the technical specifications and the choice of style in which we will continue to work, we are ready to plan solutions for our object.

Then, after the approval of planning decisions, we make a virtual 3D model of the project that allows us to estimate the future result .


According to the 3D model agreed with the customer, we prepare all the detailed plans and drawings for builders:
  1. Measuring plan
  2. Plan for the installation of new walls and partitions
  3. Furniture layout plan
  4. Binding scheme of sanitary equipment
  5. Layout of radiators and convectors
  6. floor plan
  7. Ceiling plan
  8. Light scheme
  9. Sections of the necessary units
  10. Finishing list
  11. Room visualization

6. Author's supervision

Work on the project does not end at the stage of approval of the package of drawings and visualization. During the repair and construction works, we control all key processes: from the quality of work performed and the timing of furniture delivery to timely settlement.

Working on the project, we simultaneously create the specification of the equipment used in the project, finishing materials and furniture.
The composition of the author's project support
  1. A visit to the facility or a trip to the store - 4 times a month;
  2. Supervision of the correct implementation of the design project;
  3. If necessary, the adjustment and addition of working documentation
  4. Consultations of the customer and builders in a telephone mode;
  5. Control of compliance of color solutions and choice of materials, respectively, the design of the project.
The cost of copyright support: from € 500 / month

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We are constantly developing, increasing our competence and directing our efforts towards improving the efficiency, quality and beauty of living spaces, making them in demand both today and for many years in future.

With all Clients and Partners we build relationships on the principles of Honesty, Openness and Trust.

Our design projects eliminate possible construction errors and allow you to properly plan your living space, using the functionality of each meter by 100%.

The design project made together with VIDI Studio is the personification of your desires and needs for creating a home and comfort!